Bond set for Toledo man at center of arrest streamed on Facebook

Bond set for Toledo man at center of arrest streamed on Facebook

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The man whose arrest by Toledo Police on Thursday stirred discussion after a video of the incident was streamed live on Facebook was in court on Friday.

Ryin Douglas-Reed, 28, initially was stopped for a stop-sign violation on Thursday night. He was arrested after police said he resisted.

Toledo Police officers were recorded on Facebook detaining a Douglas-Reed and the footage received a lot of reaction from viewers in area.

The arrest, which some neighbors described as being forceful, happened early Thursday evening at the intersection of Detroit Avenue and Vance Street. Other neighbors in the area commended the police for taking necessary precautions. The incident has led to statements issued by both Toledo Police and Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz.

On Friday, Judge Gary Kuhlman set bond for Douglas-Reed at $15,000. Douglas-Reed has a non-violent, 14-page criminal history.
He'll be back in court Monday with an attorney.

TPD Lieutenant Kevan Toney said police units were patrolling the neighborhood Thursday because of increased gun violence in the area.

When police encountered Douglas-Reed, they described him as argumentative and uncooperative. Due to initial cues in his behavior, officers began to further investigate the situation.

In a press release, TPD said numerous bystanders began to yell at officers, which escalated the situation during their investigation.

The Canine Unit on scene alerted to narcotics in the vehicle and Douglas-Reed was asked to get out of the car by officers.

According to police, he refused to comply to the instruction and resisted officers as they attempted to place him in custody.

He was eventually taken into custody without injury and is facing several charges that include resisting arrest, obstructing official business, seat belt required, display of license plates, and right of way at a stop sign.

Police also found a loaded gun within reach of the driver's seat. Douglas-Reed is also being charged with improperly handling firearms in a motor vehicle.

"This incident highlights the challenges officers face while putting themselves in harm's way to reduce gun violence in Toledo's neighborhoods. Toledo Police have seized over 550 firearms thus far in 2018," said Lt. Toney.

Neighbors became very emotional on the video and are accusing the police of being rough.

The traffic stop happened right in front of Caprise James.

James says she saw Reed stop and hand over his license and registration but says she went live on Facebook when officers called for backup and the K-9 unit.

James blames the escalation on racial profiling.

"This stuff happens every day and nothing is being done. Nobody is doing anything but this happens every day and I witnessed it with my own eyes to see it up close and personal with my own eyes. It's sad," said James.

But Lt. Toney with TPD says Douglas Reed's SUV was seen leaving a house where a search warrant was served earlier that day and officers later noticed the same SUV not stop at a stop sign.

Lt. Toney says backup had to be called after those watching on started yelling at officers and Douglas Reed stopped cooperating, which he claims made the situation dangerous for officers.

In a statement Friday, Kapszukiewicz said the incident would be discussed further.

"I have seen the video of yesterday's arrest, and I have discussed it with Chief (George)  Kral, members of City Council and various community leaders.  We are going to take the time necessary to make sure the incident is reviewed thoroughly and fairly," the mayor said. "I understand that some people feel unjustly targeted by law enforcement, and yet I also know that police officers have among the most difficult jobs in America.  There is plenty of room for an honest exchange of views on how best to police our neighborhoods, but that is only possible if we take the time to talk to each other.

"Mutual trust between police officers and the community they serve is crucial to making Toledo a safe and livable city.  Over the upcoming days and weeks, I will be reaching out to community leaders to discuss strategies on how best to build this relationship and work toward the common goal of a safe Toledo."

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