Bittersweet Farms to be one of many to benefit from LPGA Tournament

Bittersweet Farms to be one of many to benefit from LPGA Tournament

WHITEHOUSE, OH (WTOL) - In all, the Marathon Classic has 17 children's charities in line to benefit from the LPGA.

Bittersweet Farms is one of those charities and it provides services  for kids and adult with autism.

"Bittersweet in Whitehouse has 36 adults who live on campus, but a lot of the 150 that come through here each year are teenagers learning how to fit in," said Dustin Watkins the Executive Director of Bittersweet.

The LPGA money is earmarked for a social program that matches teens on the spectrum with a young mentor to help them learn social cues.

"Well, you can make a lot of inroads, it's all about partnership and relationships. That's why this program is so critical. It fosters rapport with a teen mentor, somebody their age that helps them really open up. That's where learning comes from," said Watkins

And Bittersweet really is a farm. In fact it sits on 88 acres with livestock. And at the farm, those who participate in the programs keep up with the chores that help with the maintenance around the barn.

Vegetables are also grown at Bittersweet.

"This allows people with autism the opportunity to be in a vocational training and be a gardener. We raise cucumbers and tomatoes,  you name it. We grow it," said Beth Kuntzwineland a Garden Specialist.

Bittersweet Farms has three locations located in Whitehouse, Pemberville and Lima.