Toledo priest supports Pope Francis, his handling of clergy sex abuse

SYLVANIA, OH (WTOL) - Nobody likes to admit they made a mistake, but that's what Pope Francis has done.

Last month he accepted the resignations of Chilean bishops he robustly defended earlier this year despite claims of a cover-up of clergy sexual abuse.

It's a move that later forced the pontiff into making a public apology.

"Francis is in so many ways a sign of hope, recognizes he made a mistake, made up for it, apologized and it looks like he will take some steps to improve the situation" according to Rev. James Bacik.

Bacik spoke Thursday night at Lourdes University about Pope Francis' handling of the clergy sex scandal.

One step in the right direction would be the establishment of a tribunal for bishops who are complicit in alleged priest abuse but do not report it to authorities.

Rev. Bacik says Pope Francis should take note of what's happening in the United States.

"We have background checks for anybody working for the church, have to report any abuse right away to authorities, finger printed and so on," said Bacik.

Meanwhile sexual crimes investigators have gone to Chile to begin what the Vatican describes as a healing mission.

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