2017 State auditor report for Toledo released

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The City of Toledo got it's 2017 report from the Auditor of State's office on Thursday.

Not every city has their finances looked at by the State Auditor, but after a few issues last year, including the misplaced $8.2 million, an in-depth analysis was brought on.

Six different issues were found. The Mayor said they welcome this scrutiny.

Kapszukiewicz said this is why he wanted to run for office, get the finances in order. It's important to note this encompasses all of 2017, ending two days before he took office.

Issues included:

  • Reporting of expenditures related to federal grants
  • What city employees can make changes to the financial software were cited, x2
  • The deadline in which certain part of the financial report were submitted
  • Bank reconciliations
  • Capital assets

The Mayor said he knew he what he was walking into, and believes they will have everything sorted out by the time the 2018 report comes out.

"I think we've demonstrated in a relatively short amount of time that we know our way around the budget, we know our way around city finances, and we have an excellent relationship with city council, we've done this together. Whatever problems existed, I think we've done a pretty good job of fixing them in the first 6 months or so in office," said Kapszukiewicz.

The Mayor's office still has not named a new finance director.

Kapszukiewicz said they are interviewing candidates and should have an announcement in a couple weeks.

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