He can't see, but his yard looks great

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - In east Toledo, Charles McLennan can often be found working on his yard.

From planting sunflowers to mowing to edging, he takes pride in what it looks like.

"Having a single mom, being an only child, I had to do the yard work, and then I also did the yard work for my grandma. I like doing it, I'm true blue collar down to the bone, I like doing manual work," said McLennan.

McLennan does all of this without being able to see.

He lost his eyes in an incident he doesn't like to talk about 24 years ago.

Just a few years ago Charles moved back to the east side, where he grew up. He said moving in to a new place was a struggle, but he was determined to get adjusted, walking every inch of his yard.

"I am really good at mapping things out in my mind. I try to picture what is around me. Once you start mapping the yard out little by little, I got an idea of how the yard was laid out and what was in the yard," said McLennan.

As much as he believes in making sure his yard looks nice, he believes it's meant to be played in.

A tetherball pole is set up in his side yard, and he encourages the neighbor kids to use it.

"The sound of the kids laughing and playing it's a nice sound to hear, bring back memories from when I was a kid," said McLennan.

Every year around Halloween and Christmas, McLennan puts up decorations not for himself, but for those around him to enjoy.

He can't see what his neighbor's lawns look like, but, people tell him. Some have overgrown grass and weeds.

McLennan hopes when he's out there putting in the effort, he inspires his neighbors to step their game up and make the area look nicer.

"If you just did a little at a time, that is all it takes. Spend one hour a week in your yard and just pick stuff up," said McLennan.

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