Hancock Flood Plan recommendations updated

Hancock Flood Plan recommendations updated

HANCOCK COUNTY, OH (WTOL) - The engineering firm responsible for laying out the possible plan to prevent further flooding in Hancock County has updated their recommendations.

Earlier this week, the Stantec engineering firm released their latest proof of concept to mitigate Blanchard river flooding.

The updated data still recommends the controversial storage basins that would take up many acres of private property in the southern county.

But, after public input, those basin have been adjusted to be a bit smaller and have less impact on roadways and agricultural fields. The benefit-to-cost ratio has been updated to $2.94 of benefit for every dollar put into the control plan.

But for the first time, the plan shows how the basins would open more roadways across the county from being overrun with flood water, a huge piece of information for officials moving forward.

"That's another huge component that we can now look at, which also has some good cost effective impacts, but also it keeps the community moving. And so we now have some good components to look at, certainly discuss as a community, and at the same time we've given additional things for both the conservancy district and the courts to think about as well," said Brian Robertson, Hancock County Commissioner.

The entire 100 page, updated recommendations are available online here.

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