Local Farmers against Kasich's algae executive order

Local Farmers against Kasich's algae executive order

HANCOCK COUNTY, OH (WTOL) - Local farmers are upset about Governor John Kasich's executive order which aims to lower nutrient runoff in Lake Erie.

Governor Kasich's executive order wants to designate eight northwest Ohio streams and rivers as "Distressed Watersheds"

This includes the Blanchard River and Eagle Creek in Hancock County.

Gary Wilson, who is not only an active farmer, but represents three different agricultural groups, says the order would add a lot of work and money for farmers to meet requirements.

All that, on top of the fact that these farmers don't believe they are the sole contributor of nutrients into Lake Erie.

"There is a lot of unanswered questions, there's a lot of assumptions. And we feel this executive order is based more on assumptions than on actual science." said Wilson.

John Motter with the Nutrient Stewardship Council says the agriculture community has accepted their portion of responsibility, and many have changed their fertilizing practices.

But Motter said that the agricultural community is taking the brunt of ownership through this order.

"But, I think it has to come from all sectors, we can't single out agriculture by itself and demand that all of the answers come from us," said Motter.

Both men are worried that Governor Kasich's order supersedes the legislative. They would rather law makers listen to all of their constituents, and find a solution that helps everyone.

"Talk with the growers, to talk with the legislatures. Let's all work together to come up with solutions that make sense for every Ohio citizen"said Motter

Governor Kasich's executive order will not go into effect unless it is approved by the state Soil and Water Commission.

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