Go beyond the course for things to do in Sylvania with Go 419

Downtown Sylvania wakes up in the night time

SYLVANIA, OH (WTOL) - There's non-stop action at Highland Meadows, when the course closes where's there to GO?

It's go, go, go at Highland Meadows Country Club the week of the LPGA Marathon Classic.

Thousands of golf-lovers will swarm to Sylvania for the weeklong golf extravaganza.

From community events at the beginning of the week, to the tournament play from Thursday to Sunday there's a lot to take in.

BUT, what about when the course closes for the night, what's there to go and do?

Malena Caruso and Go 419 took a ride with Sylvania City Councilman Patrick Richardson to go beyond the course and check out the must-go places in the Tree City.

Main Street is the place to be!

Galleries, bakeries, breweries, cafes, diners, and upscale restaurants … in just a few short blocks you can have it all.

Chandler Café serves up unique sandwiches and sidewalk patio seating lets you people watch as you eat! It's also a great place to grab a drink after work!

The Hudson Gallery features amazing works of art, many of the local.

J & G Pizza Palace packs a big name in a small space but fires up amazing pizza. The nearly added Upside Brewery gives you local beer to enjoy with your pizza.

The newest addition just up the block is Inside the Five Brewery owned and operated by former NLF kicker and Michigan native Brandon Fields.

So, GO! Get beyond the course and check out downtown Sylvania.

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