Jury finds Oregon woman guilty of murder in death of 6-month-old

Jury finds Oregon woman guilty of murder in death of six-month-old

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - After deliberating for several hours, a jury found Angie Walker guilty of murder in the death of 6-month-old Levi Ashley.

The jury also found Walker guilty of felonious assault and endangering children.

Deliberations started just before 3 p.m. on Thursday.

Levi's death was ruled a homicide due to abusive head trauma. The child was the son of Tony Burkey, Walker's boyfriend, and she watched the child.

During the trial, the jury was shown the injuries that caused the baby's death, along with new pieces of information.

Seeing the images of the baby laying on an autopsy table along with all the injuries to the him appeared to be chilling and difficult for jurors to stomach.

Dr. Jeffery Hudson told the jury that Baby Levi had at least eight contusions or bruises on his head. Bleeding of the brain and spinal cord were also present during the autopsy.

Dr. Hudson said the only explanation for these injuries was trauma to the baby's head.

"Multiple impacts or else a gripping type of motion could have happened or motion if the head was grasped or gripped from the pressure of the fingertips," explained the doctor when asked what could cause Levi's injuries.

But the defense then questioned Dr. Hudson and they pointed out that certain tests were not performed during the baby's autopsy to infer Levi's head injuries could have been older injuries and not caused by Walker the day Levi was rushed to the hospital.

A new piece of information was also presented in the case.

Walker's cell phone activity was presented in the courtroom. Passages from Walker's journal were also read in court.

Walker wrote in her journal about how much she loved her boyfriend Tony Burkey. She talked about a troubled sex life with her much younger boyfriend and the fear of him leaving her.

She also wrote about her love for his son Levi. Walkers journal wrote that she loved Levi like as her own.

But other entries may suggest that Walker was jealous of her boyfriend fathering a child with another woman and that she wanted to have a child of her own with him

"The only problem I have is Tony's baby mama, she wants him but can't have him. I'll act civil to her because of Levi if she tries to f---- with me its on," read one of the entries.

The jury also viewed text messages Walker sent along with web searches she did on her cell phone the days before and after Levi's death. A detective showed the jury Walker searched "people being mean to babies."

The jury also learned that the morning of Levi's death, while Walker was watching him, she searched and watched several sex videos on her phone. That was a detail Walker did not reveal while being interrogated by police.

Walker's sentencing will be July 19.

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