City of Toledo still negotiating rates for new water authority

City of Toledo still negotiating rates for new water authority
(Source: WTOL)

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - We are getting closer to finding out what you could be paying for your water rates under a new regional water system.

After the original TAWA plan was killed, and Toledo Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz's plan was moving forward, some suburbs have threatened to get their water from places other than Toledo.

But, Toledo leaders are adamant that they are still moving forward.

Currently, they are determining the retail rates for Toledo and Lucas County water customers, including costs for things like customer service, meters, and maintenance.

They are also determining the wholesale rates for their suburban customers.

In the Mayor's plan, Toledo maintain's ownership of the Collins Park Water Treatment plant, and Toledo City Council can veto rates set by the board.

Ed Moore, the Director of Public Utilities said that they are still determining what the minimum will be, and what your bill will look like.

"As a technical committee, what we are trying to do is get numbers straight. We are trying to get the technical portion of it done so that everyone feels it is a fair deal not just for the citizens of Toledo and Lucas County, but for the citizens of the contract communities as well. It is our job to make sure that the numbers work and the rates are fair," Moore said.

It is expected that Toledo City Council will hold a public hearing on the new regional water commission plan on August 2.

Then, they could vote to put it on the ballot a couple weeks after that.

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