ESPN anchor speaks at second annual LPGA Women's Summit

At the second annual Women's Summit, over 400 local women were in attendance to empower and inspire each other.

This year, the women heard from a pioneer in sports broadcasting, Hannah Storm.

For the ESPN anchor, she's glad to be back on the links.

"I love being here. I love coming back to my golf roots," Storm said. "I did a lot of women's golf when I was at NBC. In fact, I remember very well doing a Women's U. S. Open when I was eight and a half months pregnant. So I think it was the last event I did before I had my baby, and that was pretty epic."

Storm shared obstacles she had to overcome to get where she is in her career.

  • Video highlights the mission of the Women's Summit. Click here to watch.

"There are a lot of obstacles and tough times and challenges that came in your way," she said. "I always talk a lot about resilience, I think that's really the key to hanging in there. It's definitely the key to longevity. I think just knowing that it's not always going to be easy and really pushing through that and believing in yourself. Those are pretty universal themes, but I don't think you can hear it enough."

Following Storm, Mallika Chopra spoke about living with intent, and did some meditation exercises. Meditation is something defending champ I.K. Kim says has helped her over the years.

"Meditation because I am always on to go and do something all the time," Kim said. "I think meditation helps me to stay center and okay with how I feel certain times. The most benefit I think is that I am around a lot of people who meditate."

Kim's been meditating since 2012 and says she's feeling really good and centered coming into this week.

"It's kind of nice to come back to a place that I have a good memory. I really wanted to be ready playing this week, and I think I've done my best," Kim said.

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