City says they will take action against illegal dumping in east Toledo

City says they will take action against illegal dumping in east Toledo

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Residents of east Toledo have said that there is a reoccurring dumping problem that the City of Toledo needs to fix.

Crews were cleaning up once again on Utah street in east Toledo on Wednesday, after someone dumped a huge pile of tires on Utah Street.

Now, neighbors are speaking out.

The residents said that every time the city comes to clean up, another mound of items appear.

Old tires, furniture, mattresses, couches, construction debris, windows and siding have all been seen by residents.

Many said that the piles are often so big, it's hard to drive down the road.

"You've gotta go this way! You've gotta go that way! You have to swerve all the way around and sometimes you have to take the long way," said east Toledo resident, Thomas Sanchez.

Dumping is illegal and serious felony in Toledo.

A sign warning people about the consequences of dumping is clearly posted close to where the piles often appear. 

That has not seemed to stop the problem from happening and residents have said that something else must be done.

"I would like them to just be more proactive, I mean surveillance camera system, sort of so they can not just come and clean it up but prevent it," said east Toledo resident, Didi Fizgerald.

The City of Toledo said that they referred this incident to the Illegal Dumping Task Force, in order to try and catch the people who keep doing this day after day.

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