Second day of trial for Oregon woman accused of murdering baby

Second day of trial for Oregon woman accused of murdering baby
(Source: WTOL)

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Key evidence was presented in court Tuesday  in the murder trial of a six-month -old.

The jury heard first hand what Angie Walker had to say in the hours after the baby she was caring for died.

The jury watched and listened to hours of video as police questioned Angie Walker.  In those recordings Walker continued to tell investigators that she could never hurt a baby, especially Levi Ashley, her boyfriend's baby.

Angie Walker broke down and openly sobbed in the courtroom as those recording were being played.

Walker explained to investigators on tape that she watched Levi, something she did often, the morning of April 26th 2017 while he was at work.

She told investigators how she fed and bathed the baby that day, played with him and then remembered how Levi all of a sudden got fussy and then went limp in her arms and she  panicked.

"I said 'Levi' and he didn't look at me so I said 'Levi' and the look on his face didn't seem right so I took off running into the living room for someone to help me and I yelled call 911," said Walker as she testified.

Since Walker denied hurting the baby, investigators asked her who did. She suggested it could have happened when she was out the night before with Levi's father.

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