Local community comes together to raise $15,000 for grieving family

BEDFORD TOWNSHIP, MI (WTOL) - A local community is coming together to help a grieving family.

Less than a week ago, two teen siblings, Justin and Alyssa, were struck and killed while walking down a road in Monroe County. Now the community of Bedford is coming together to raise $15,000 for the family, and they're not stopping there.

Locals are still grieving with this immense loss but they're coming together to let the Hahn family know they're here for them.

"Bedford township is a family, so we band together and we take care of our own," said Tim Fitzgerald, Director of Bedford Township's Veteran Center.

One tight-knit family is stepping up for the Hahn family who lost two of their children on the 4th of July; a tragedy that's unimaginable for most.

Anna Moss, who is second cousins with Justin and Alyssa, said while their parents are still grieving, the support of the community helps.

"With the community's support and everyone from the Bedford area and everybody else who has contributed, everybody has been so gracious that they have a lot of people looking out for them," she said.

Lots of those people came out to Sideline's Sports Eatery & Pub for a fundraiser put together by the Bedford Township's Veterans Center, who as of right now has raised $15,000 for the family, not including what they've taken in Tuesday.

"20 percent of all proceeds today go to that family. We just can only imagine what they're going through," said Jerry Edmondson, co-owner of Sideline's.

"They feel humbled by the entire township's support and by us being able to alleviate just a little bit of that pain and just take care of some of the things that they should never have to worry about," said Fitzgerald.

Along with 20 percent of proceeds going towards the Hahn's, there was also a silent auction to help raise money.

"I felt obligated to come in here and help out the cause at Sideline's," said Brad Jennings, owner of AJ Doolitte's. "I know the owners, they're great people. It's just a family-oriented community. It's just what we do."

Other fundraisers going on this week are listed below:

  • July  12th-10a Doolittles and Veterans Center fund raiser for Hauns
  • 8525 Secor Rd, Lambertville, MI 48144
  • July 13th- 5p-8p Indian Creek Zoo & Veterans Center fund raiser for the Hauns
  • Indian Creek Zoo
  • 2744 Consear Rd, Lambertville, Michigan 48144

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