Smucker's employees question future after plant sold

Smucker's employees question future after plant sold

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - A private equity firm is buying the baking brands of the J.M. Smucker's company.

In a $375 million deal, Brynwood Partners has bought Smucker's baking brands, labels like Pillsbury and Hungry Jack.

This has left workers at the Toledo Smucker's factory concerned that the new company may not honor their contracts.

Around 250 Toledo factory workers may be affected by the selling of Smucker's baking brands.

The West Toledo factory is responsible for producing a great supply of Pillsbury and Hungry Jack Pancakes.

"You come in and say, 'Hey we're not honoring your contract, and we'll set the times and the terms to negotiate,' and you see that they have a track record of coming in and busing unions out of the manufacturing facilities," said Local Union Leader John Scott.

Because their contracts are with Smucker's, a lot is up in the air for factory workers.

Pensions will be frozen and other benefits through Smucker's will need to be negotiated with Brynwood.

"It has a lot of people worried, and they should be because not only are you going to have different benefits, I mean we have people on cancer medication. We have an older workforce," said Scott.
WTOL 11 reached out to Brynwood Partners for an update but has yet to hear back.

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