City needs extra $2.35 million to finish residential road reconstruction

City needs extra $2.35 million to finish residential road reconstruction

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The City of Toledo's Division of Engineering Services is requesting to add $2,358,376 to the money they plan on spending on the residential road reconstruction projects.

If they don't get this extra boost, it is likely many roads that were scheduled to be redone, will have to wait.

Right now they are 28 percent over budget.

This is not new money, it is left over from other projects. Around 50 total residential streets are a part of this program, and now there are around 10 left.

But, if Toledo City Council doesn't approve moving this money soon, Doug Stephens, the Administrator of Engineering Services said there would be some roads they would have to take off this list.

Those could include Cragmoor, Royal Haven, and East Country Club, along with Bronx, White and Dana Streets.

Other streets that need finished are Rosalind/City Park, gr antwood/Talmadge Green, and Oakwood/Elmwood.

Stephens said starting in early June they noticed they were coming in over budget on projects because of things like material price increases, trucking price increases and an increase in the cost of disposal.

"Obviously labor has gone up in the last three or four years. Those were costs that have increased, that is what is causing the bulk of it. We had a few projects that bid on our original budgets or close to them, and then prices started escalating," said Stephens.

In the past they have just done resurfacing, which is a mill and fill program.

With reconstruction they are going all the way down to the dirt, and then redoing the street.

Toledo City Council will have a committee hearing about this right before their meeting next Tuesday. This is after some council members had more questions about where they money was coming from.

It is expected they will vote on it then at the regularly scheduled meeting.

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