BCS Local Schools approve 1 percent income levy for November ballot

BCS Local Schools approve 1 percent income levy for November ballot

OAK HARBOR (WTOL) - Another attempt has been made in Oak Harbor to get a school levy passed.

The measure was just shot down by voters in May.

Last week, the Benton-Carroll-Salem Local School board approved a plan to place a one percent earned income tax levy on the November ballot.

It is an identical ballot measure to the one that was voted down in May by only 52 votes.

Though voters did approve a property tax levy, the single levy doesn't cover even half of the budget shortfall for the district from the recent Davis-Besse nuclear power plant devaluation.

"The need is still there. The need is still there with the shortfall, with the catastrophic loss with the Davis-Besse devaluation. As well as the reduction of the phase out of the PUTPP funds. So, the need is there," said Guy Parmigian, superintendent for BCS schools.

The income tax would generate just under $2 million a year for the district.

They believe they can prove to voters who have already turned down the levy that the money is needed and will be used appropriately.

"I'm frustrated too. Our board is frustrated. We do not want to be asking for additional money. We get the fact that people's pocket books are tight, and no one wants to pay more. So this was the last resort, going to our voters and asking for this," said Parmigian.

The BCS School district intends on holding multiple community meetings on the levy this summer and early fall leading up to election day.

They will be announcing the date and times of those meetings on their Facebook page and in school newsletters.

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