BGSU construction projects multiply

BGSU construction projects multiply

BOWLING GREEN, OH (WTOL) - Bowling Green State University is working on a number of different construction projects as the school year approaches. Officials said they have 56 active projects going on right now

Three of the most visible projects include the recent demolition of Harshman Quadrangle, the construction of the new business building and the future of Forest Creason golf course.

Thus far the plans to make a green space where Harshman was at are right on schedule. However the plans for what was the golf course are still unknown.

"We've closed the golf course and it's now growing. We are mowing it so it doesn't look unattractive next to the highways. But in terms of what the use is for it, haven't heard," said Brian Swope, Assistant Construction Manager for BGSU.

Additionally construction for the new business building has begun and will go on throughout the summer.

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