Trial begins for Oregon woman accused of killing 6-month-old baby

Trial begins for Oregon woman accused of killing six-month-old baby

OREGON, OH (WTOL) - Monday was the start of trial for an Oregon woman accused of killing a 6-month-old.

The morning began with jury selection, which resulted in the jury predominantly being made up of women.

The jury learned that Angie Walker and baby Levi's dad, Toni Burkey, were on-again off-again boyfriend and girlfriend. The question of whether jealousy and infidelity lead Walker to allegedly kill her boyfriend's baby was also brought up.

Levi was not Walker's child, but she cared for the baby often.

During opening statements, the prosecution told the jury Walker was the only person with baby Levi when he went limp. They were also told Walker got him help immediately when she realized something was wrong with the little boy.

The state is seeking to prove that Walker injured the baby while with him that morning, while the defense told the jury the child could have been injured the night before while Walker and her boyfriend were out and Levi was being watched by a roommate.

The jury also heard from first responders who were called to the Oregon home and tried to help the baby who was barely breathing when they arrived and the details on the hours leading up to Levi's death.

The defense explained to the jury several adults lived in the same house. But the state called a witness to the stand who testified Walker made a somewhat incriminating statement after Levi was rushed to the hospital.

"She said, 'What are they going to do to me if I did something to that child? Take my son?'" said the witness.

Walker's attorney had a chance to then question that witness and asked her why she didn't tell police about that conversation right away.

The witness said she said things were crazy and didn't remember it until being interviewed days later.

This trial is expected to take most of the week.

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