Money Talks News: Are designer sunglasses a waster of money?

Money Talks News: Are designer sunglasses a waster of money?
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Money Talks News - Protecting yourself from the sun is important. You need two things to do it:Sunscreen and Sunglasses. But just how good do those sunglasses have to be?

Other than a designer name, is there really a difference between a pair costing $11 and another pair that cost $780?

There's probably less of a difference than you'd think. Here's an eye-opener: Most of the popular brands come from the same company.

It's an Italian company called Luxottica. They make nearly all the name brands: Anne Klein, Chanel, Coach, Dolce and Gabbana, Oakley, Prada, Polo, Ralph Lauren, Ray-Ban, Revo, Versace, and Vogue. Different labels, radically different prices, but the same company.

So a $70 pair of Ray Bans could theoretically have come from the same factory as a $700 pair of Dolce and Gabanna's.

"Look for sunglasses that block 99% or 100% of all UV light," said the American Academy of Opthalmology.

Most sunglasses you'll find, including cheaper ones, do exactly that.

There's a way to test optical quality. Look at something with a rectangular pattern, such as floor tile. Move the glasses. The lines should stay straight. If they wiggle, move on.

Some might say if you pay $100 or more for sunglasses, you're probably more interested in being seen than seeing.

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