Local Vietnam War veteran receives Bronze Star

OTTAWA COUNTY, OH (WTOL) - A local Vietnam War veteran finally received his long overdue service medals.

"I was crew chief, door gunner on Hueys my first tour in Vietnam; then on my second tour I was in CH 47's as a flight engineer," said Vietnam War veteran Steven Fultz.

Steven Fultz, from Port Clinton, spent seven years over two tours of duty in Vietnam.

He says he was proud to serve his country, and he didn't pay much attention to the politics surrounding the conflict.

However, he never pursued the service medals he was due.

In part, he said, because he wanted to put that part of his life behind him once it was over.

"All of the people looked down on us, because they thought we were baby killers and stuff like that. They called us all kinds of names. And so, whenever I got home, the first thing I'd do is change into some civilian clothes," Fultz said.

But recently he had a change of heart, and he and his family contacted Representative Marcy Kaptur's office, who quickly worked to get Steven his earned Bronze Star, other medals and Vietnam campaign ribbon.

"He participated during a very grueling and difficult time. And he earned the medals he received today, and he was so gracious." said Kaptur

As an appropriate surprise to event organizers here, after receiving his medal Steven Fultz said that his father had actually served at Camp Perry during World War II.

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