International Peace Run returns to Toledo, anyone can participate

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - On July 17, the Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run is returning to Toledo on the 30th anniversary of the global relay. This year, Toledo, a Compassionate City, is the only stop in Ohio as the runners make their way around North America.

Begun in 1987, the Peace Run has evolved to reach over 150 nations.

The goal of this major international relay run is to remind us that world harmony and world peace are not mere dictionary words, but realities that will slowly materialize in our world. The aspiration for a culture of friendship, oneness and peace is symbolized by the passing of the Olympic-style torch from hand to hand, community to community, nation to nation.

Along the way through the Toledo area, anyone can participate: athletes and non-athletes, young and old alike. People can join in the welcoming ceremony at the Common Space, 1700 N. Reynolds Rd., Toledo at 10:30 a.m. It is also possible to run with the runners and carry the Peace Torch, choosing how far to run with them.

The North American segment of the Peace Run started on April 15 in New York City and will end there on Aug. 15. An international team of 12 runners will run an average distance of 80-100 miles a day, carrying the flaming torch through the North American continent's large and small communities

More information is available on the web site, for events in the various countries around the world, a daily log with photos, videos and more.

The Peace Run is not associated with any political cause; there is no fee charged for participation, and no funds are being raised.

Inspirer behind the World Harmony Run was late peace visionary Sri Chinmoy. Often addressed as a Renaissance man, Sri Chinmoy was an athlete, philosopher, artist, musician and poet. He dedicated his life to the pursuit of the ideal of world friendship and oneness.

Sri Chinmoy saw in sports a powerful instrument for promoting world harmony. Volunteers all over the world are carrying on this vision by taking the torch to communities on six continents.

Everybody is welcome to join the runners along the route for a few steps, a block, one mile, or even several miles.

For more information, visit the Peace Run web site at, email or call 419-508-3692.

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