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Step inside the Cincinnati Museum Center's world of chocolate

Chocolate: The Exhibit is showing at the Cincinnati Museum Center (FOX19) Chocolate: The Exhibit is showing at the Cincinnati Museum Center (FOX19)

Let's talk about all things chocolate! Few food items are both so historically and gastronomically rich. Plus, it just tastes amazing pretty much any time.

Just a few steps inside the Cincinnati Museum Center and you're in the World of Chocolate. Some visitors took in the experience on World Chocolate Day on Saturday.

"Kids love it, people love it, honestly, I'm surprised more people are not celebrating it today!," said Sean Gibson, who told us, he came there to learn more about this delicious must-have, and summed-up his love for it, like this.

"Happiness, joy and a great snack!," he laughed.

He's among the hundreds, who spent their Saturday, checking out the interactive displays, which roll through a quick history of chocolate.

Chocolate: The Exhibition, tracks the rich history of the cacao bean, from its beginning as a royal, even divine Mayan drink, to its current role as a romantic gesture, guilty pleasure and global commodity.

Chocolate was hotly traded back in the day.

"I didn't know that people used to use seeds as currency," said Gibson.

Chocolate hasn't always been a bar, nor was it always widely available.

"How valuable it was and it was something that nobles and the elite had, because it was so valuable, your average person couldn't afford to have it,” said Jamie Ahrmann, who was intrigued about an entire installation, devoted to chocolate and it's tasty history, even a propaganda piece of advertising from the war, with chocolate being touted as a fighting food.

"It's a luxury, it's a treat, Godiva truffles are the best!," said Ahrmann.

You can also stand beneath a life-size cacao tree in a Mesoamerican rainforest and learn how the tree's unusual anatomy produces so many different products, drawn from a single cacao bean. Kids learn how we turn seeds into chocolate and how to make their own.

Layla Daily told us, learning the history is cool but when it comes to chocolate, this is all she needs to know.

"I like it a lot and it's good!," she said.

The exhibit will be on-display at the Cincinnati Museum Center through January 6th, 2019.

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