Toledo Police seize 6 guns, arrest 5 on Tecumseh Street

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Six guns were seized along with a quantity of ammunition as Toledo Police arrested five Toledo men Tuesday in the 1100 block of Tecumseh Street.
Tyrelle Lawrence Sr., 25; Theran Fisher Jr., 26; Tikei Benton, 23; Nasheed Benton, 21; and Brishawn Hamilton, 21, were arrested Tuesday after police were called to the Tecumseh Street location.

Police were called after five men were observed possibly holding a vigil and brandishing large guns, pointing them at passing vehicles.
As police approached the Tecumseh Street address, the men ran toward the back of the residence, with Lawrence appearing to run toward the nearby alley. Police released a description and returned to the front of the house to search for the other men.
According to the police report, the backyard gate was open and police observed Fisher, Tikei Benton, Nasheed Benton and Hamilton stretched out on their stomachs hiding inside the open screened-in porch.

An extended 9mm magazine was seen next to Hamilton and a Glock 19 semi-automatic weapon with a high-capacity drum magazine was between Nasheed Benton's feet, the report says.
Lawrence was found on the west side of the house with a European American Armory .38-caliber revolver in his pocket and another .38-caliber Taurus revolver on the ground.  A search of a city garbage can on the east side of the house revealed a Para Ordnance .45-caliber weapon, an AK-47 and a Smith & Wesson 9mm semiautomatic pistol.
The Glock 19 was stolen, police said, and all of the weapons recovered were loaded with a round in the chamber, except for the revolver found in Lawrence's pocket.
Lawrence was charged with having weapons under disability and obstructing official business. He also was wanted on a nuisance abatement warrant and warrant for compliance with standard for basic structure.
Fisher, Hamilton and Tikei Benton were charged with obstructing official business. Benton was also wanted on two marijuana drug abuse warrants and a seat belt warrant.
Nasheed Benton was charged with having weapons while under disability, receiving stolen property/retaining or disposing of property obtained through theft and obstructing official business.

All five were booked into the Lucas County jail without incident.

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