Becoming a citizen on the Fourth of July

Becoming a citizen on the Fourth of July
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ARCHBOLD, OH (WTOL) - The Fourth of July is perhaps the most patriotic day of the year.

And to make it even more patriotic, 78 people became members of the United States in Northwest Ohio.

People coming from all around the globe took an oath and celebrated with their family and friends.

However many of them are not strangers to America and even Toledo.

Saudia Mushkear is originally from Pakistan but has a lot of connections to Toledo.

"I came here, actually I came and I started in Toledo, I stayed in Toledo I worked in Toledo and now I am an American in Toledo!" she said.

One of the 78 members was Rose Atkins.

She originally from The Philippines.

Rose has been a permanent the resident of the United States since she was four and at a young age, her parents told her  that she was not a citizen

"I was like what?? I'm not an American?" said Atkins.

Though she wasn't born an American, she never knew of any other life.

Many of the people sworn in this afternoon have lived in America for quite some time but decided now was he time to make it official.

The political climate was a decision factor for some people but many say America's ideal are the main reason they made the choice.

Woojin Han comes from South Korea but studies at the University of Toledo.

He feels America is one of the strongest nations in the world.

"No matter what the course of events this county takes I think the foundation will always be there and that's why I like this county so much and why I ultimately wanted to become a citizen," he said.

As we look back on recent political decisions surrounding the concept of immigration, we remember stories like these that make us truly proud to be an American.

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