DART Team busy with nearly 20 overdoses over weekend

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - There were nearly 20 overdoses called in to 911 over the weekend, keeping the Lucas County DART Team busy.
Nearly all of the people who called 911 were helped by the team. That means all of them survived and were given an option on how to beat their addiction.
Deputy Dennis Whaley has been working for close to three years as a member of the DART Team to offer avenues of hope to those in Lucas County who feel there is no way out of their addiction.  Many say no to the detox, support groups or rehab they are offered, but he makes sure he's there when they are ready to say yes.
Whaley gave insight into the team's mission during a ridealong Monday.
"Eventually hopefully they will say, 'I am tired of this life and I have had it. Done.' I took someone to detox seven times once and she has been clean two years now, going on three," Whaley said.
"Seven to eight people out of every 10, we have linked them to services. Whether they stay or not is a different subject, but at least we get them to where they need to be, so I think that is huge."
It's unknown yet what caused the weekend spike in overdoses  -- a bad batch of drugs on the street or even the upcoming holiday week could explain it.
This team says this weekend proves there is still more work to be done.   
"They are very passionate about what they do they check in with these individuals," said Sgt. Steve Rogers. "They keep track of them and to see a relapse its frustrating because they are trying to make a difference in the community."

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