Sherrod Brown discusses addiction recovery bill at Life Revitalization Center

Sherrod Brown at Life Revitalization Center

Sen. Sherrod Brown spoke at Toledo's Life Revitalization Center on Monday about the bipartisan legislation he is leading to address elements of the opioid crisis.

He stressed that it is important to have a plan in place for recovering addicts so they are able to succeed after treatment.
Brown's new piece of legislation is aimed at helping recovering addicts.
The CARE act is a six-year pilot project that combines job training and addiction recovery services. The bill will support recovering addicts so they are able to succeed after treatment.
"It's important to combine in a lot of cases the way this program does here, because if someone goes through addiction treatment they're clean. But then (if) they don't have a job when they finish, their chances of spiraling down again are so great," Brown said.
The bill is a direct response to the struggle Ohio is having with finding workers who can pass a drug test.
Recovering addict Denise Johnson believes this will help many who like herself were once addicted to drugs. She is grateful for programs like those at the Life Revitalization Center in Toledo for helping her recover.

"You push through it, the life on the other side is so beautiful, definitely so beautiful," Johnson said, tearing up.

The Life Revitalization Center in Toledo has already implemented a similar model that people like Johnson have taken advantage of.

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