90+ degree heat makes firefighters' jobs even more dangerous

90+ degree heat makes firefighters' jobs even more dangerous
Firefighters have to wear heavy gear whether it's 95 degrees out or not (Source: WTOL)

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - 95 degrees by the pool seems like nothing compared to a thousand degree fire but firefighters are still expected to put on their 60 pound gear and run into fires.

It's nothing new for them of course but there are precautions crews are taking in order to ensure safety.

"The good thing about our gear is it keeps the heat away from us when we're in a fire the bad thing is keeps the heat that we generate inside so there's nowhere for it to go," said Captain John Schnorberger.

So how exactly are firefighters able to withstand the heat?

The first steps starts before their shift even begins.

"Start hydrating at home. Make sure you get water intake before you even get to work because if you show up and are already dehydrated you're not going to catch up, especially in weather like this," said Lt. Sterling Rahe.

If a large fire occurs on a hot day, the Toledo Fire Department has additional staff on rotation to ensure firefighters get the necessary amount of rest.

TARTA busses are also called in to act as air-conditioned rest spots for the firefighters.

Finally, the Toledo Fire Department says their medics are highly trained to help the firefighters as soon as they leave a fire.

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