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Deadliest Ohio Tornado In History

On this date, June 28th, 1924 the deadliest tornado in Ohio history struck Lorain and Sandusky.  This tornado is now estimated at $1 Billion in damages in today’s dollars.  

While the Fujita scale was not established at this time, it is estimated this tornado was at F4 intensity.


  • Developed over Sandusky Bay
  • Touched Down at 4:35 PM
  • Damaged or destroyed 9 city blocks on the north side of town and lakeshore
  • Destroyed over 100 homes and 20 businesses
  • Sandusky Yacht Club building swept into the bay
  • At least 8 deaths


  • Touched Down at 5:08 PM
  • Tore a 3 mile path directly through downtown Lorain
  • Over 4,000 feet wide at one point
  • Over 1,000 homes damaged and 500 destroyed
  • All downtown business damaged, 200 destroyed
  • State Theater collapsed, killing 15 during Saturday afternoon matinee musical
  • At least 72 total deaths

*Source: Thunder in the Heartland

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