Keep your dogs safe from hot asphalt during the heat wave

Keep your dogs safe from hot asphalt during the heat wave

When a heat wave pushes in, some of the biggest concerns often turn toward expensive A/C bills, staying hydrated and finding any way to remain cool. Yet, one of the most dangerous side effects of excessive heat is often just an afterthought. 
Asphalt and pavement can turn into a frying pan when exposed to nearly direct sunshine and unusually high temperatures. An experiment conducted by the LHAPS in Naples, Florida, really shows just how quickly asphalt can turn dangerous:

With temperatures expected to match or even exceed the conditions in the above-mentioned experiment, pavement temperatures will likely surpass 140° for some areas. 

If the thought of 140° on bare skin isn't startling enough, here are the figures concerning just how quickly human skin and canine paws can burn:

Temperature Time Required for Deep Burn
155° 1 Second
148° 2 Seconds
140° 5 Seconds
133° 15 Seconds
127° 1 Minute
124° 3 Minutes
120° 5 Minutes

*Data from Burn Centre Care

To stay safe during this weekend's heat wave, just follow these simple tips:

  1. Limit your animal's outdoor time to just enough to relieve themselves.
  2. Keep animals in shaded, grassy areas with plenty of water when they are outdoors for those short few minutes.
  3. If you MUST step onto asphalt with your pet, place the back of your hand on the pavement for 5 seconds to test the temperature. (If you can't last/handle the heat, neither can the animal.)
  4. NEVER leave your animal in the car in this heat, even for a minute. Simply leave them at home in the A/C this weekend.

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