How to nip summer allergies in the bud

(WTOL) - More people are being affected by pollen this summer because our mild winter in northwest Ohio didn't kill all the pollen.

The main summer allergens are pollen, mold, insect stings and fresh fruit.

Some fruit like celery, melons, and apples can flare up your allergies because they could have been exposed to pollen.

"People are coming in now and wanting that magic pill, that magic fix that will fix them overnight, and unfortunately with allergies that's not possible. You have to be more proactive than reactive with it and you kind of have to be ahead of the game rather than doing it after the fact," said RN Ann Burnett, an allergy nurse at ProMedica.

If you're not on allergy medicine now, it's not too late to start.

Professionals recommend starting with an antihistamine. Although certain antihistamine's don't work for everyone, doctors recommend trying a different brand.

"We always recommend an antihistamine, taking that everyday. It's not the same as a pain reliever, so it's not the same as Tylenol or Advil so you need to be taking it and having it in your blood stream to keep you from having those systematic days," said Burnett.

Steps you can take to avoid pollen include:

  • Keep windows closed
  • Cleaning the air filters in your house
  • Wearing sunglasses when your outside
  • Change your clothes and shower after coming inside to stop the spread of pollen

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