Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur speaks to women involved in Sandusky immigration raid

Calhoun County, Michigan - The immigration and customs raid that happened in Sandusky recently has received a lot of attention locally and nationally.

Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur toured a jail where a large group of the women detained during the raid are being held.

The congresswoman said she was able speak to the more than 30 women who are being held in Calhoun County, Michigan.

She said many of them had tears in their eyes when she started asking them about their children.

But, when she asked if any of them needed any help, only one had a request.

She is asking for a passport for her child, so if she did get deported, the child could go with her.

Kaptur said the jail is clean and well maintained, and these women are getting medical treatment if necessary.

The women told her doughnuts were used as a trap to get the employees all in the same area when the raid took place.

The congresswoman said they all spoke highly of working at Corso's and she wants to work on making it easier for people like these women to come work in our country.

"I hope that looking long term we will be able to create that kind of system for the Americas to be fair to the American worker but also if they are doing the jobs that American workers don't want that they are not subjected to this kind of unfortunate occurrence," said Kaptur.

She also added that she will continue working on this and hopes to have the names of everyone who was detained within the next couple of days.

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