Local suburbs looking into other cities, states for water source

Local suburbs looking into other cities, states to receive water from

PERRYSBURG, OH (WTOL) - The debate continued Monday night over the source of Toledo-area drinking water.

Local suburbs are looking at getting their water from outside of the city and they're not ruling out other states.

Neighboring communities including Maumee and Perrysburg are looking into different options for their water, including an aquifer.

The newest possibility involves tapping into an aquifer that currently services Michigan, Indiana and Ohio.

The city of Maumee said putting money into testing this approach could help avoid water problems. It is a stable source over time and it's not subject to algae blooms.

All of the communities interested in this have spoken with other cities that currently tap into the aquifer. They believe this could be a viable primary and alternative option for their water.

Perrysburg is one of the cities looking at this option. The city of Perrysburg said cost will be a big factor in this decision.

"What we're going to do is the due diligence and business analysis to determine whether it's the right cost, it's viable, it's safe and can be the best option for our residents," said Perrysburg Mayor Tom Mackin.

Many suburbs said they will continue to look at Bowling Green and Detroit for water authority as well.

Bowling Green city officials said no one has officially expressed interest in signing onto its water authority.

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