Local woman's daughter has thousands of dollars in medicine thrown out

Local woman's daughter has thousands of dollars in medicine thrown out

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - A local woman is outraged after her daughter's life-saving medicine was thrown in the trash by maintenance -- a request made by her former landlord.

Madison Heier said $6,000 to $7,000 worth of medication and medical supplies for her 2-year-old daughter Mila was thrown out in the process of moving out of the Ottawa Cove apartments.

Mila, who has cerebral palsy, epilepsy, frequent seizures and requires a feeding tube, could be in serious danger without it.

"It's a struggle because now she's suffering, she doesn't have her meds and we're just praying that she doesn't have a seizure within the meantime to when I can refill her medication because I don't have the $1,500 to order it early," said Heier.

But Vicky Chubner, Heier's former landlord, said that's not the whole story.

Chubner said the only thing she said Madison needed to get out of the apartment before turning in the keys was the TV.

"I'm extremely sorry," said Chubner. "I wish she would have said, 'I need everything.' It wouldn't have made a difference; we would have done that. I wish she would have talked to me. She never talked to me."

Heier filed a police report and said the officer who investigated told Chubner that legally, she shouldn't have thrown anything out because she hadn't turned the keys in yet.

A prosecutor is expected to review the police report and then determine future legal action, which could include declaring this a robbery or filing a civil suit.

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