Sylvania family turns to community to fight to save Milo the pig

Todd Crandell fights to save Milo the pig (Source: Todd Crandell)
Todd Crandell fights to save Milo the pig (Source: Todd Crandell)

SYLVANIA TOWNSHIP, OH (WTOL) - People often say that nothing can get between a man and his dog.

Well, Todd Crandell is proving that this applies to pigs, too.

A neighbor called Sylvania Township officials to report Crandell's pet pig, Milo.

Now, he has been told that he has 30 days to get rid of him.

Sylvania Township has an ordinance that prevents livestock from being on parcels of land smaller than one acre.

Crandell said that this neighbor had never reached out to him with concerns before.

According to Crandell, Milo makes no noise and is fenced in. The former substance abuser and the founder of Racing For Recovery addiction recovery program also says Milo serves as an emotional support animal.

"He's not livestock. He's domesticated," he said.

The vegan and 28-time Ironman referred to Milo as a "domesticated emotional support soul" and emphasized the fact that Milo is smart. He does tricks. He even rings a bell when he needs to go outside.

He originally was against the idea of owning a pig, but was convinced when his daughter found one that needed a home.

Milo and the family instantly bonded.

They have had Milo for a year and a half now, and said that Milo is more than just a pet.Milo is a part of the family. He goes to bed at the same time, and even has his own room.

"He has brought out of what was already a kind, caring family, more compassion," Crandell said. "He has enhanced my compassion for all living beings."

A petition started on Facebook Saturday already has over 3,400 signatures from around the world. Fifteen countries are represented.

"He's not leaving," Crandell said. "We are going to fight to save him." On his petition website, Crandell said the family has hired a lawyer and plan "to fight this with all we have so he can remain with the only family and environment he has ever known."

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