BG farmland to be turned back into wetland

BOWLING GREEN, OH (WTOL) - A big change is on the way for a large piece of farmland in Bowling Green.

It will soon be transformed back into wetland.

The move has some residents in the area concerned.

The piece of land at the Carter Historic Farm in Bowling Green will soon be a wetland.

The Wood County Park District will work with the Black Swamp Conservancy to make the project happen.

The conservancy received a $300,000 grant from the Ohio EPA that the park district felt they needed to use.

Tom Carpenter's family has farmed the land that will be converted for more than 46 years.

Although the district owns the land, Carpenter said that the decision is disappointing for his family.

"I felt sensitive about the families that spent probably years clearing the land in order to farm that property," said Carpenter.

He said that the farmland was very productive.

He proposed the district convert the 10 acres of wooded area on the property into a wetland but the district declined.

"It's 20 years that will be taken out of production and will probably never be put back into production once it's turned into wetlands," Carpenter said.

Official details regarding the next steps in this decision process have yet to be determined.

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