Money Talks News: How to score free vacation lodging

Money Talks News - Going on vacation means paying big bucks for hotels. But other than staying home, what can you do?

As it turns out, plenty. It's possible to go on a vacation and not pay a dime for a place to stay. How can you do it? With a credit card.

With a signup bonus, you can put everything you can on the card throughout the year. Next thing you know, there are enough points for a free week at a hotel.

That's one way to get free lodging, but it's hardly the only way.

Another popular way to stay for free is house-swapping. You stay in someone else's house, they stay in yours. Then there's housesitting. If you're willing to care for people's pets and property, and can prove you're responsible, you might find a free place for a week or even months.

There's also the chance of hospitality exchange. You let someone crash on your sofa, then when you're traveling, you can crash on someone else's sofa.

Of course, it's not always a sofa. Sometimes you get a free room. Either way, there are plenty of sites where you can register, at places like

Timeshares will often offer a free night's stay in exchange for listening to a sales pitch.

And one final way that's been around about as long as people have: Spending the night with friends and family.

That's just six ways that you can get free lodging, but it's not all of em. To learn more go to the Money Talks News website and  do a search for "free lodging."

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