At 22 to date, Toledo's 2018 murder rate is higher than last year's

At 22 to date, Toledo's 2018 murder rate is higher than last year's

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The second week of June was a deadly one as the city's homicide total moved from 20 to 22.

Toledo Police Chief George Kral said at this time, Toledo is trending to beat last year's murder rate.

When summer is just beginning and the warm weather is here to stay, that usually means it's that time of year when people will begin to commit more crimes and unfortunately the chief does not see the murder rate stalling, but rather it's climbing.

Last year around this time, TPD homicide detectives investigated 20 murders in the city. In 2018, we are only up by two, at 22.

But these are still higher numbers than the chief would like to see.  Chief Kral said three babies killed allegedly killed at the hands of their caretakers have skewed the number higher.

His detectives have been working overtime to solve these crimes and they have made arrests in 12. That leaves 10 of the city's murders this year unsolved.

"Homicides are a non-suppressible crime. It's very challenging for officers to stop somebody who is bent on killing someone. We have 602 officers right now and it wouldn't help if we have 6,000 officers. More officers help, but if someone wants to kill someone its hard to stop it," explained the chief.

Though murders can't be stopped, Chief Kral said studying crime trends and predicting crime patterns in the city can help to cut down on the violence.

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