Labatt beer partners with Lake Erie Waterkeepers to help protect Ohio water

Labatt beer partners with Lake Erie Waterkeepers to help protect Ohio water

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - To help protect our local water, you could always drink a beer. Don't get carried away, but Labatt USA has announced it is partnering with Lake Erie Waterkeeper to help the group protect and sustain the Lake Erie watershed -- and beer drinkers can purchase special can featuring scenic Put-in-Bay and three other popular Ohio water destinations.

Labatt announced Monday it will make a $10,000 investment to support Lake Erie Waterkeeper's efforts, which is part of a larger investment of more than $100,000 with Waterkeepers throughout the Great Lakes region. The investment serves as part of Labatt USA's larger partnership with the global Waterkeeper Alliance to protect and sustain drinkable, fishable and swimmable water.

According to a news release, the partnership and investments align with Labatt USA's triple bottom line approach. The beer company said it prioritizes people, planet and profit, which includes measuring, reducing and mitigating its impact on the environment and society through investments, volunteerism and education.

"Not only is clean water required to make great beer, but it also means recreation on the water. By working to improve our water footprint, we're also able to impact our communities to help ensure everyone can swim, boat and enjoy our local waterways throughout the summer," said Lisa Texido, brand manager for the Labatt Family.

"Increasing public awareness of water stewardship is crucial to preserving, protecting and improving our watersheds" said Sandy Bihn, executive director for Lake Erie Waterkeeper and Lake Erie Foundation. "Partnering with Labatt USA is a terrific opportunity to connect with more people throughout the state of Ohio and keep our waters fishable, swimmable and drinkable."

As part of the rollout, beer drinkers can buy limited-edition "Loving Ohio" graphic cans of Labatt Blue and Labatt Blue Light, which feature popular summer water destinations in Ohio including Put-in-Bay, Edgewater Park, Arch City and Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

Loving Ohio cans will be available in all locations that sell 24-packs of Labatt Blue or Labatt Blue Light. In-store signage promotes the partnership between Labatt USA and Lake Erie Waterkeeper to help raise awareness of the importance of water stewardship.

Headquartered in Buffalo, New York, Labatt USA has imported Labatt Blue from Canada since 1951. Today, Labatt Blue is America's top-selling Canadian beer. Labatt Blue has become the premier Canadian pilsener in the Great Lakes region and expansion markets across the United States. First brewed in Canada in 1847, Labatt continues to carry on the tradition and heritage of the great outdoors. Labatt USA is owned by Rochester-based North American Breweries.

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