Mud Hens turf manager and kids spend Father's Day on baseball field

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Mud Hen's turf manager Jake Tyler spent time with his kids on Father's Day getting the diamond and outfield at Fifth Third Field in tip top shape.

Of course, spending Father's Day doing yard work isn't what most dads would want to do on their special day... but for Tyler he wouldn't trade it for the world.

"It's great for me to spend time with my kids. Baseball during the summer is very demanding and we put in a lot of hours so being able to have a day like today where they can come out and hang out and have fun and cap it off with some fireworks," said Tyler.

In a place where home runs, strikeouts, and wins create memories for players and fans, it's the time spent before the game that are the most special to the Tyler family.

Riley, the oldest, learned to drive on the warning track of a baseball field.

"'I've been in baseball for 21 years, so my children have grown up in this environment. My oldest daughter Riley, when she was born we were up in New York with the Mets. She was on the front page of the paper raking the infield," said Tyler. "Its really nice to have that opportunity to bring them out and do some things that are out of the norm."

And while dad keeps an eye on every blade of grass, the love these three have for him are never out of sight.

"He's the best dad ever. Best dad. Ten out of ten," said kids Riley, Regan and Cannon.

In the blink of an eye or a swing of the bat, Jake's children have grown up so fast.

He cherishes every memory big and small.

"It's scary sometimes to see how fast they grow up and how time goes by so fast. My oldest daughter is 15. I remember when she would drive around the warning track during pregame in a pink Powerwheels Gator. Now she is going to be driving a real car. That stuff passes by so fast, so take in every minute you can get whether at work or at home. It's really important to all of us," said Tyler.

That's why on this Father's Day Riley, Regan and Cannon started their morning getting the field ready with their dad and will end it watching the fireworks light up the sky over Fifth Third Field.

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