Baskets of Care softball tourney helps breast cancer patients

SWANTON, OH (WTOL) - It's been a special Father's Day weekend in Swanton.

Teams from throughout the area came to play in the Baskets of Care Softball Tournament.

This was all an effort to support the fight against breast cancer.

The organization was formed in 2010.

The tournament will raise thousands of dollars.

Volunteers distribute free bags and backpacks to men and women diagnosed with breast cancer.

Inside you'll find brochures on questions to ask your doctor and organizations to turn to for help.

There's also a comfort shawl.

"We put this together to get newly diagnosed patients-not a chemo bag or radiation bag - but all the tools to help them start a new journey," said Baskets of Hope Founder Gail Cooper.

Judi Fox survived two bouts with breast cancer.

She now volunteers for Baskets of Care after getting help from the group.

"I did use things to help me get organized. I did use things to help me formulate questions for my doctor. Know a little bit more about the disease and what to expect from treatment."

Over the years three thousand people have been helped.

This year 420 Baskets of Care will be handed out.

Stacy Mitchell came to watch her daughter play in the tournament but ended up getting a bag.

Not for her but her mom who has just been diagnosed with breast cancer.

"Make her feel better. Being down obviously with treatments and diagnosis in general. Tough for her in beginning but she's a fighter."

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