Leading Edge with Jerry Anderson: June 17, 2018

(WTOL) - The headline says it: "Toledo Mayor says his plan is only way forward."

This is talking about a regional water authority.

After months, years, of planning and trying, it looked, earlier this year, that we were on the way to true regionalism in terms of safe, fresh drinking water.

One suburban leader said this week, "We're back to square one."

That leader was Sylvania mayor and regional water authority leader Craig Stough.

Any fair assessment of northwest Ohio really must include the major presence of higher education.

Two large state universities serve some 40,000 students.

Not quite Ohio State, but certainly sizable nonetheless.

It's even been suggested that the region should market itself as a center of higher education.

He's closing in on 4 months at the helm, but has been around BG since 2006 as dean of the college of business and later provost, senior vice president and interim president starting the first of this year.

The interim appointment followed the surprise retirement of Dr. Mary Ellen Mazey.

It was a surprise to many around the campus community.

Dr. Rogers discusses this and more on higher education and BGSU.

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