TFD firefighter battling leukemia inspires co-workers to take part in bone marrow drive

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Be involved. Transplant hope.

That's the goal of the 'Be the Match' program.

Toledo Firefighters came together on Saturday to Station House #6 in east Toledo to help one of their own.

Lt. Darryl Murphy, a 29-year veteran of the Toledo Fire Department, has leukemia.

He's currently receiving treatment at the University of Michigan Cancer Center.

"He's doing pretty well. In good spirits. At home resting," said daughter Courtney Murphy.

But the search goes on to find a life-saving bone marrow match for Darryl.

Fellow firefighters came, filled out paperwork and donated a cheek swab.

"I just thought it was a great thing to help out a fellow firefighter and potentially help somebody else who might be in need," said Pvt. Caleb Reighard.

Pvt. Greg Szumigala agreed.

"Kind of a no-brainer to show up and get this done. Very easy," said Szumigala.

Results will be placed in a nationwide bone marrow database.

The test only takes ten minutes and could potentially save a life by curing someone of their blood cancer.

It could be Darryl or someone else.

If you'd like to become a bone marrow donor, go to the Be the Match website..

"Only about ten percent of people who register ever get a call they're a match for a patient and less than one percent will donate. Currently we only have a match for half the people in need," said Tonya Davis of Be The Match.

You could be the cure.

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