City files complaint against Vickie's Bar and Grill

City files complaint against Vickie's Bar and Grill
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TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Nearly a month ago Toledo City Council gave Vickie's

Bar and Grill a second chance after neighbors said it was a nuisance. Now the city has filed a formal complaint against the local bar on Douglas Road because of the constant issues and stress on resources it has caused.

Neighbors are fed up with Vickie's Bar and Grill. They said it brings violence, drugs and much more unwanted behavior to their neighborhood, harming their children.

While neighbors said the city's lawsuit is a step in the right direction they want more to be done.

"This is about the noise, the disturbance, the drugs, the gangs you are bringing into our neighborhood," said Lianne Whitaker, a neighbor living near Vickie's Bar and Grill. "We want it gone."

Neighbors have taken videos that show what they said are Vickie's Bar and Grill customers peeing in public, fighting in the parking lot. Neighbors said they have even found drug paraphernalia at Wernert Elementary School next door.

Neighbors voiced their concerns about a month ago to city council members, police, and bar representatives, but say nothing has changed at Vickie's since that meeting.

"We've been vocal about it for the fact is that this is the safety of our children we deserve a quiet neighborhood. They came in and have been loud, rambunctious since day one," said a neighbor.

WTOL 11 wanted to see for ourselves what the bar was like, so Reporter Blair Caldwell swung by the bar early Thursday morning at about 1:30 am. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary, the bar was relatively quiet, and the parking lot wasn't too full. But by 3:00 a.m. neighbors said the bar stayed open.

In a video they sent you can hear the music and vehicles revving their engine early into the morning.

It's because of these complaints city leaders moved to file a civil suit against the bar on June 12.. Vickie's Bar and Grill has 28 days from being served to respond to the complaint and from there it will head to court according to a city attorney.

Whitaker said this is a great first step, but it's not enough.

"The city needs to move faster," said Whitaker. "No delay of courts, we need to move this along they need to have really of heard us because this is getting outrageous."

Neighbors said they won't stop fighting until the bar is shut down for good.

WTOL 11 spoke to Toledo City Councilman Chris Delaney, who says the bar has created a nuisance for neighbors as well as created a stress of resources on the Toledo Police and Fire Department.

The formal complaint from the city outlines officers have responded to calls of gunshots fired and fighting, while the fire department found the bar exceeded their capacity limits.

City lawyers said this lawsuit is just the first step to closing the bar for a year.

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