Habitat for Humanity repairs local home

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - This week, volunteers are repainting and repairing the exterior of a home in west Toledo.

There are some common myths about what Habitat for Humanity does. Not only do they build new homes, but they help fix some up as well!

Accomplishing these tasks takes money. All of the labor is provided by volunteers, but homeowners pay for parts and supplies themselves over time with a loan supplied by Habitat.

Jill Kegler is a Realtor, but volunteers regularly as a Habitat Pro. She said this helps with her business, but her main reason for volunteering is simply that she loves doing it.

"The homeowner needed help having a safe and healthy house to live in, had applied, and I got a call saying, we're doing some exterior painting, do you have some time next week to come out and help us? So, I was here on Monday when we were scraping all the peeling paint off of the house, and then, today, priming and painting," Kegler said. "It's very worthwhile to come out one day and see what it was, and then come back today and see what it's becoming."

Without volunteers, projects like this would get worse over time to the point where the state of disarray of this perfectly good home, wouldn't be worth fixing.

What these volunteers are doing is not only life changing for this homeowner, but improves property values on Charlestown Avenue and makes the community better as a whole for everyone.

Lee Lake, was there to volunteer as he often does for Habitat, having built five homes from the ground up in the past couple of years. He also happens to be the homeowner's brother.

"When she applied to have her house redone, the painting and such done, I said hey, I'm there! I also work with Habitat in Monroe," Lake said.

Another little known fact, you don't have to be handy to volunteer. There are plenty of opportunities to lend a hand locally through the Maumee Valley and Monroe branches of Habitat for Humanity.

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