Police say suspect linked to upwards of 10 downtown car break-ins

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Police said a man who is now in custody could be linked to upwards of 10 car break-ins in Downtown Toledo.

Police arrested 57-year-old Milton Woods Wednesday.

Officers said surveillance footage along with the downtown officers knowing their areas connected them to the suspect.

Then when questioned, Woods confessed to a few of a break-ins. Police said the thefts he admitted to, happened over the span over almost a month.

He was booked on a felony theft charge as well as criminal damaging. Woods could face additional charges depending on how many more cases police can link him to.

"It doesn't necessarily replace the window, but hopefully those who are victims of the break-ins feel a little bit better knowing the suspect is in custody," said Lieutenant Kevan Toney, the Toledo Police Spokesperson.

Two victims were at the Mud Hens game, one at the Toledo Zoo, two at the Commodore Perry Apartments and one at the ProMedica Parking Garage.

Residents are able to file a police report for something like this without having to go downtown, they can do it right on their phone. Just follow the steps here.

The items reportedly stolen from the cars are purses, a cooler, gym bags, book bags, clothing, make-up kit and cigarettes.

Lieutenant Kevan Toney said police work hard on making sure neighbors feel comfortable living and visiting Toledo's growing downtown.

"We're constantly trying to provide a safe downtown atmosphere, we work hard at that, and we take pride in that," said Toney.

The suspect broke windows to gain entry to the cars in majority of these cases, there were also items in plain view.

"A bag in the back seat that has nothing of value to you in it, but a suspect walking by may see a bag and could think that there could be a computer or something of value," said Toney.

Toledo Police said even if nothing is stolen, victims should report car break-ins. This helps them track patterns and hopefully identify suspects.

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