Jury finds Jamaine Hill guilty of shooting TPD detective

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The fate of a man accused of shooting a Toledo police detective has been sealed by a Lucas County jury.

Jamaine Hill was found guilty Thursday on all eight counts. The jury heard four days of testimony and started its deliberation Thursday morning.

Hill was sentenced to 47 years in prison for shooting Picking and at six members of the TPD SWAT team.

Toledo police chief George Kral released this statement  after the guilty verdict was handed down:

On behalf of the Toledo Police Department, I would like to sincerely thank all the members of the jury, Lucas County Prosecutor's Office, prosecution witnesses, detectives, and Judge James Bates. With guilty verdicts on all charges against Mr. Hill, we can now move forward and continue the healing process knowing that justice was served. While this chapter is over, there is still  a long road ahead for Jason's physical recovery; and the emotional strain on all officers involved, as well as their family, undoubtedly remains. On the tough days, we must remember the tremendous outpouring of community support for Detective Picking and the Special Operations officers involved. Our officers know the risks inherent to police work and still go out every day and night to serve our city and for that I am proud.

The jury was asked to determine if Hill knew it was police officers at his front door when he fired those five shots, one of which hit TPD Detective Jason Picking, or if he was acting in self-defense.

Throughout the trial, the state showed the jury pictures of what police were wearing, video of them breaking down the door and presented evidence that showed Hill fired the five shots from his gun when the front door was open and police were running in.

Hill testified that he was sleeping, woke up noises and started firing his gun out of fear.

Hill is a convicted felon and was not allowed to have a gun in his possession. He admitted that he is guilty of that charge.

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