US EPA announces Action Plan Three in effort to help Lake Erie

US EPA announces Action Plan Three in effort to help Lake Erie

(WTOL) - The U.S. EPA gathered to announce Action Plan Three, an initiative outlining the Great Lakes Restorative Initiative plan for 2020 through 2025.

The plan is looking more towards the future and how to help Lake Erie, but some people think the plan will do more harm than good.

"What we really want people to know by this fall is there will be a draft for the third action plan for that 5-year period, and were going to make that available for public comment for 30 days," said Chris Korleski, director of the U.S. EPA's Great Lakes National Program Office.

Action Plan Three focuses on several problems: including invasive species, toxic substances, habitat species, and shore pollution impact like agricultural runoff.

Even though the plan hasn't been rolled out yet, opinions are starting to roll in.

"They need to get off their rear end and read and follow the Clean Water Act and stop picking on or talking about the average farmer or the guy that puts average fertilizer on his lawn," said Robert Mockensturm, a local man against the U.S. EPA's plan.

Korleski knows solving the Lake's problems is a priority, but it's not an overnight fix.

"We're dealing with environmental issues of considerable magnitude and none of these issues are easy. If they were easy they would've been solved a long time ago," said Korleski.

This isn't the only meeting being held by the U.S. EPA. There will be five more happening across the country before any final decisions are made.

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