Man accused of shooting TPD detective apologizes in court

Man accused of shooting TPD detective apologizes in court

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The man standing trial for shooting a police officer apologized Wednesday during his trial, stating that he thought someone was breaking into his house and that's why he shot his gun.

It's hard to know what the jury is thinking.

The prosecution presented evidence that showed Hill shot after police rammed the door open during a search warrant. But that's not the story Hill told the jury Wednesday.

Hill, in a wheel chair due to complications with diabetes, said he was medicated the night police served a search warrant at his home and when he woke to glass shattering and rumbling on his porch, he thought it was someone trying to break in.

He told the jury he fired his gun until he said the door opened and he saw it was police officers.

Prosecuting attorney Frank Spryszac had a chance to question Hill and seemed to pointed out several inconsistencies in Hill's story.

Detective Jason Picking also took the stand Wednesday and explained to the jury how he thought he was going to die.

The jury saw X-rays of the damage the bullet did and about his long recovery.

The jury will begin deliberating Thursday in the case.

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