What Caused The Flash Flooding in Ottawa County Last Night?

What Caused The Flash Flooding in Ottawa County Last Night?

Heavy thunderstorms late Tuesday night into Wednesday morning caused flash flooding in Ottawa county. Rainfall totals across central northwest Ohio ranged from half-inch to over four inches near Port Clinton! 

So why all the rain and especially this much rain for Ottawa County? A band of downpours lined up over the county by 10 pm last night. When showers line up in this fashion they are called feeder bands and take advantage of every ounce of moisture in the atmosphere. With muggy conditions the air has about as much moisture as tropical islands, allowing for very efficient rainfall even over short periods of time. 

Once these bands of heavy rain get started, it can take hours before they let up. That's exactly what happened over Oak Harbor and Port Clinton last night.

It wasn't until nearly 2 am that the heaviest and steadiest rain had ended.

A brief few day break from the extremely muggy weather will move in during the day Wednesday but expect humid and heavy feeling air back during an extremely warm Father's Day weekend. More very heavy downpours and thunderstorms will be possible next week. -Meteorologist Ryan Wichman